A likable brunette babe with nice body enjoying two toys to get on
I went on top of the table and tried riding it but its too big! I'm up for many challenges during sex but that didn't work, only the head got in. Even on my back I tried pushing it in but I needed some assistance getting it past the head. I really thought it would be easier, but its really big for this asian girl. I see looking at the video I did get a lot of it in for a little while but I needed something smaller, so that large pink one (which is still a lot smaller than that big ten toy) was better for fucking. Even that toy was getting me sore, and I had to take it slow. I tried riding it too, but you know, being on your knees on that wooden table isn't that comfortable! But I knew what was coming next so I headed for what you guys call the FTV toy which some girls say feels really good when on top.

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